Who's an Affordable Divorce Attorney in Brentwood and the Middle Tenessee Area?

Attorney Jackson offers high-quality representation at competitive rates

Because family matters are so personal, it's easy for your emotions to cloud your judgement. That's why it's vital to retain a divorce attorney. You can get objective counsel about your situation at The Law Office of Markham T. Jackson based in Brentwood, TN. Our legal services are cost-effective.

Our lead divorce attorney can assist you by...

  • Representing you in a contested or an uncontested divorce
  • Filing or defending a civil or criminal contempt petition
  • Filing or defending an order of protection
  • Walking you through the adoption process
  • Advocating for your paternal rights
  • Modifying a parenting plan
  • Establishing parentage

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What custody arrangement is best for your child?

That's what our child custody attorney will consider when working with you. Let's discuss your options during your initial consultation.

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