When You Can't Collaborate, Litigate

Make sure to consult a skilled civil litigation attorney based in Brentwood, TN

Is the other party refusing to take the matter seriously, or is the situation turning hostile? Whatever the case might be, you should turn to a local civil litigation attorney for assistance. The Law Office of Markham T. Jackson takes on tort action lawsuits in Brentwood, Nashville and Franklin, TN.

Our lead civil litigation attorney can represent you in a lawsuit involving...

  • A landlord-tenant dispute
  • A contract dispute
  • A property dispute
  • A transactional dispute
  • Slander or libel
  • Small claims

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Has your good reputation been ruined?

You could sue the other party for damages. Rest assured that our defamation attorney will take your matter seriously.

Attorney Jackson has extensive courtroom experience, so you can feel confident trusting your case to him. Consult our defamation attorney in Brentwood, TN today.