Make Official Plans for Dividing Your Retirement Benefits

Discuss the details with a skilled divorce attorney in Brentwood, TN

While many aspects of a divorce can be resolved relatively easily during the proceedings, allocating retirement benefits is a notoriously complex task. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (aka 'QDRO') is the specific type of court order that allows a retirement account administrator to divide a retirement account (one that is qualified under the IRS retirement account statute) between divorcing spouses. Most cases that involve QDROs require a third-party attorney to draft the QDRO to ensure that it meets statutory requirements and is satisfactory for the account administrator.

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Why should you always consult an attorney before submitting a QDRO?

The procedures involved in successfully submitting a QDRO can be difficult to complete without a knowledge of family law. For example, a QDRO must:

  • Satisfy the requirements of three separate federal statutes
  • Qualify under the rules of the individual retirement plans
  • Be approved by the court before taking effect


A skilled family law attorney will ensure that everything is filed correctly and that the court will likely be inclined to approve the order. Contact The Law Office of Markham T. Jackson today to learn more about the process of filing a QDRO.